Our Process

Here is an outline of the steps we take to guide you through the stages of planning, designing, contracting, and completing your construction project. Our experienced team members can take you through every step and answer all of your questions along the way. Ready to get started? Call or Email today.

1. Preliminary Meetings

In our first meeting we discuss the client’s needs, goals, and expectations for their project. Once we have an idea of the budget, scale and timeline for the project, we are able to provide client with a quote sheet and schedule a follow up to answer any questions.

2. Letter of Intent

Once the client is satisfied with the preliminary quote and our company’s philosophy, a Letter of Intent is signed to secure a spot within our construction schedule to guarantee that your job is done within your requested timeline.

3. Preliminary Design

LB LounsBury Group begins work on a tentative schedule and official budget. We introduce the client to our architect and designer to begin the design process.

4. Contract

With the schedule and budget complete, a contract outlining the expectations of LB LounsBury Group, the client, and the payment schedule, is drawn up prior to the project start date. A BuilderTrend account is created for your individual project (learn more about BuilderTrend right here). If permits are required for the build, this is when we submit them to the city for approval.

5. The Build Process

Once permits are approved, construction begins as per the agreed upon schedule. Throughout the build process, the client is able to keep track of their project’s progress through their builder trend account, where you can see photos, drawing updates, budget, up to date schedule, as well as request and approve changes.

6. Completion of the Job

Once our work is complete we will walk through the property with you to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship of the project.

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